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The Radiant Package is for the bride and groom who want it all. If you are the couple who needs help from the very beginning, until you are off to your honeymoon, this is the package for you! From the venue selection to the smallest of details, I will be by your side to make your wedding “radiant!” 

The Princess package is designed for the couple who wants a professional the week of their wedding. I will meet with you to make a custom timeline that ensures everything you have planned runs smoothly. I will attend the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception to make sure your day is the fairy tale you have always dreamed of and more. 


The Marquise Package is for the bride who wants help with the details. Maybe it’s the table runners, or the gifts for your guests. I will be by your side to create DIY projects. This package will assist you in finding the best vendor that will execute your vision. A la carte options will permit you to coordinate tasks that will make your wedding personalized and memorable.  

The Cushion Package is for the couple that needs something unique to them. Maybe you need assistance at the ceremony only, just a timeline or you have a specific need you would like met. I can design this package so you get exactly what you need.



I work for a regional Chamber of Commerce, which means I help plan lots of events. Naturally, when it came to planning my own wedding, we thought we had it down. I spoke to Carolyn just to make sure we covered all of our bases. In the first few minutes it became very clear that there were a ton of things we could have never considered. She has tons of experience and an incredible attention to detail. She went over all of our plans from decorations to vendors in order to make sure we weren't setting ourselves up for failure while also making sure our guest and we would have an amazing time. She was hired and I don't know if I can express fully how great of a decision that was!!!!!

She created a detailed, color-coded wedding day schedule for the wedding party outlining the entire day at 15 minute intervals! No one was confused and everything went swimmingly!! At one point the bridal party was running late so she took it upon herself to take posed and candid photos of the groomsmen and me in case the photographer was unable to spend as much time with us. She had already planned in enough buffer time and re-worked the schedule a touch on the fly that one would never know that the bridal party was 45 minutes late. She got some awesome shots too! Now, one should never expect their planner to take photos, but the fact that she was prepared to jump in to do so just shows how much experience she has. This is just one example that stands as a glowing testament to her commitment to our experience of the day and her ability to think on her feet. She's a multi-tasker, a natural problem solver and a leader. It's amazing how she is able to grab everyone's attention and direct them in a way that is clear and easy to follow while also not feeling like you're being bossed around. 

What I care to finish with is this: you may think you've thought of everything/read it all/ figured it all out, BUT you simply haven't. Not only can Carolyn expedite some of the research process and help guide you through the planning process, but Carolyn will be there at every stage from planning to the day of making sure your day is worth the time and money spent. She goes beyond value straight to necessity. You need Carolyn like you need a venue or air and water, or food, etc... Just talk to her and you'll know what I mean.

Scott F.

Planning a wedding can be a very exciting but overwhelming task.  I was engaged to be married to my love in Naperville, IL at White Eagle Golf Club in 2012 and started out planning on my own.  I thought I could do it all by myself, but WOW was I wrong...there is a lot to be done and so I needed to turn to someone for help.  I am SO happy I chose Carolyn to work with and grateful for everything that EventsbyCarolynLabahn provided for us!! Carolyn was such a comforting and task-oriented person to work with and she provided so much support throughout the entire planning time! I know for a fact our wedding would not have been such a fun, amazing, and smooth time without her.  Right from the start Carolyn was there for me for EVERYTHING.  She was such a GENUINE person to talk to me on the phone for HOWEVER long I needed to just listen to me and provided such EFFECTIVE feedback to get things on the wedding agenda accomplished.  She took time out to meet ONE-ON-ONE with me multiple times to plan out and help in the decision making for specific things from scheduling to my DJ search to planning day-of coordination.  She had such ORGANIZATION with planning out my hour-by-hour schedule of the wedding rehearsal and wedding day to make sure I felt comfortable and to ease my nerves to make sure everything worked so very smoothly.  She had CONNECTIONS knowing which wedding venues or companies were highly rated and provided such great quality service that it helped so much with my decision making process from narrowing down the specific DJ, to choosing the best and most cost effective limo places, to helping me coordinate the best locations for my wedding day pictures, etc.  She did such a great job forming POSITIVE relationships with our bridal party of 16 and family as we planned and experienced the day together.  She was there for me every step of the way that I felt so at EASE and EXCITED going in to my wedding day and my fairytale wedding was exactly what happened.  Everything could not have run more smoothly, more elegantly, and more coordinated.  We had such an amazing day and night from the wedding rehearsal, to the wedding day and night, and even into the following day with her providing support with transporting wedding gifts.  Family and friends STILL talk about and bring up how great of a time they had at our wedding and how they would love to go back and experience it again! It would surely have not been the same without Carolyn's expertise.  I would HIGHLY recommend Carolyn as your event coordinator for your big day because she truly gives amazing service and I had such a wonderful time working with her!! You could not work with a more kind, caring, hard-working and down-to-earth person for your big day!

Bradley B.

Thanks to Carolyn, we had the most amazing wedding at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago this August.  She planned the day for us in advance and helped us create the perfect timeline.  She made creative suggestions and recommendations I would never have thought of in a million years and made the day absolutely perfect.  She flawlessly executed our rehearsal dinner and our wedding day from start to finish.  

The best part was that I was able to relax and enjoy myself the whole time because I knew Carolyn had everything under control.  I just had to look to her for my cue, which meant I didn't have to worry about the timeline or order of events and I could focus on having fun and dancing!  

Both the DJ and the caterer later told me that they absolutely loved working with Carolyn and were thankful I had an awesome event planner.  

I highly recommend Carolyn!

Kari I. 

I recently worked with CL Events for a wedding in Chicago as an out of town vendor and it was a complete pleasure.  Carolyn is attentive and helpful and has a wonderful eye; the entire wedding was beautiful.  Definitely a solid choice to help you through the big day!

Mark S. 

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Carolyn threw another very satisfied customer of CL Events and very grateful for the introduction.  Carolyn was able to quickly get us the answers we needed for questions we had and then also answers for questions we didn't know we needed yet.   She really helped us with what we didn't know.  Would refer CL Events for anyone coordinating a small or large wedding!

Mark A. 

Carolyn helped me put together my master wedding timeline, quite a daunting task! She is truly an expert and so easy to work with. After one friendly phone call, she returned a detailed outline of my wedding weekend along with a contact sheet. These services are so worth it for brides who want to be prepared for all the moments that will be happening that day. Extremely reasonable investment.

Jess H.

Carolyn did an amazing job helping us throughout our planning process, we used her for a Day of Wedding Coordinator and her expertise, professionalism, connections, and honesty is what we valued about her the most.

At the beginning of wedding planning we had a friend that had used Carolyn for her wedding recommend her. We set up a meeting with her which went great. We explained to Carolyn our vision, budget and ideas. She was super honest with us and said it would probably be a better use of our budget to try and go at the planning alone, especially since we already had a decent vision of what we wanted. She gave us some recommendations on vendors to check out and gave us permission to use her name if needed. 

As the day grew closer we got in contact with Carolyn again and decided that having someone to take care of things the day of the wedding would be really helpful. We met with her again, sharing our estimated timeline, centerpiece ideas and which vendors we were using. She was really receptive to our ideas. She helped in putting together a timeline with flow of the day that we were able to pass on to parents, grandparents, and wedding party people and vendors. She also would text or email with any questions, and helped us figure out some last minute things like parents’ gifts.

Carolyn was present during the wedding ceremony rehearsal. She was able to help keep our large group (50+)of family and friends in order and keep the rehearsal going. She also asked questions that both of us forgot to ask, which was very helpful for everyone. She was very professional and respectful interacting with our family and members of the church.

On our Wedding Day Carolyn was here, there and everywhere. She helped coordinate with our florist, church, musicians, photographer and reception venue. She carried notes and gifts for Matt and I to exchange with each other throughout the day. She assisted in our photo shoot, getting people in line and ready to walk down the aisle and making sure our “Dog of Honor” had the rings. She took our vision of turning our reception space into a woodsy winter wonderland and made it more than we could have ever dreamed of. Everything was perfect! We never had to wonder where Carolyn was, or what she was doing because she was always two steps ahead busy helping us, our parents, or the wedding party do something. She ensured Matt and I had time to eat too! At the end of the night she made sure our gifts, clothing and other odds and ends things were already in our room so we didn’t have to worry about retrieving those things and saying goodnight to guests. 

She made our day so much easier and stress free. We would recommend her to anyone that wants to wake up on their wedding day and not have to worry or think that something could go wrong, because with Carolyn it won’t.

Rebekkah C. 

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